Please sign the EV petition from NCC

SHASA presented a workshop on Electric Vehicles and Microgrids at the recent Nature Conservation Council (NCC) Conference that was held here in Bateman’s Bay in May 2021.

NCC have taken up the EV challenge and released this video and set up a petition to encourage community support. Please read their invite below and sign the petition. Please also spread the word to encourage broader input. Thanks SHASA.

Nature Conservation Council email next:

In the next two weeks, the NSW government is finalising its plans to support or tax electric vehicles.

I know that many government ministers understand that accelerating the roll our of electric vehicles benefits everyone. But there are also some who would prefer to slap a new tax on electric vehicles.

20% of NSW greenhouse gas emissions are from the transport sector. The electrification of transport is a key step in mitigating climate change.

That’s why we’ve launched a campaign – Accelerate NSW. The government should be making electric cars affordable for everyone, because healthy air and a safe climate benefits us all.

Please help build public support by sharing the video.

And sign our petition to make electric vehicles more affordable.

The NSW Government could help make electric cars more affordable by:

  • Waiving stamp duty
  • Reducing registration fees
  • Providing direct incentives
  • Government fleet purchases
  • Setting electric vehicle targets

Of course private cars aren’t the only answer here. Public transport, cycling and walking are truly sustainable and healthy transport options and they need government support. But right now, we have an opportunity to accelerate the transition from fossil-fueled cars to electric cars, and the NSW government has so many options for getting us on track, as I explain in the video.

Thanks for your support and don’t forget to sign the petition.

Chris Gambian
Chief Executive
Nature Conservation Council

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