SHASA supports 40km speed limit on Annette’s Parade, Mossy Point

SHASA strongly supports the petition calling on the Eurobodalla Shire Council to undertake a Speed Zone Review on Annette’s Parade, Mossy Point, from 45 River Road to the Mossy Point Boat ramp and Headland with the aim to implement a permanent 40km/h speed zone. SHASA thanks Councillor Anthony Mayne for presenting the petition to Council and moving a motion seeking the endorsement of his fellow councillors to, at a minimum, forward the petition to the Local Traffic Committee for their consideration. The petition came after a motor vehicle accident which resulted in multiple critical injuries to a 7 year old child.

“SHASA would like to see a reduction in speed limits on all roads in the Eurobodalla with high pedestrian and/or cycle traffic as critical to ensuring safety of those engaged in more active transport. Reducing speed limits significantly reduces the injuries to pedestrians and cyclists.” said Kathryn Maxwell, President of SHASA.

There has been a 46 per cent reduction in pedestrian injuries since the 40km/h zone was introduced in parts of the Sydney CBD in 2014. A vehicle that hits a pedestrian at 50km/h is twice as likely to cause a fatality as the same vehicle travelling at 40km/h.

“Reduced speed limits create safer streets for all road users, particularly important for children and older people,” Ms Maxwell said. “They reduce traffic injuries, improve health, transport efficiency, the environment, economy and community liveability – it’s time for the Eurobodalla Council to act.”

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