SHASA is an incorporated community organisation since February 2015. SHASA’s 2021/22 Executive has 8 members as approved at our last AGM. Read a little about our current Executive below. Also, see SHASA’s latest Committee Structure here

President – Kathryn Maxwell
Kathryn has been a member of SHASA since September 2016 and President for the last 3 years.  Kathryn is passionate about achieving a resilient Eurobodalla where we generate more of our electricity and food and keep the money local.  Kathryn has extensive project management experience from her work for the Australia and New Zealand Governments in the area of community development and sustainability.  A career highlight was her role of Sustainability Manager at the Department of Conservation in New Zealand which included installing the largest off grid solar system and ensuring dozens of conservation islands had solar and energy efficiency upgrades. Kathryn enjoys mountain biking and bushwalking around the region.
Vice President – Steve Colman
Steve is a founding member of SHASA. 
After a long career consulting to organisations on leadership and performance he brings a deep commitment to improving environmental and social awareness.  Having been a regular visitor to the region since the early 1960’s he is now helping SHASA develop a long term strategic plan and vision for the region that helps craft an inspiring and achievable future.  In his spare time Steve, who is based at Tuross Head, can often be found exploring  by sea kayak, mountain bike or on foot the region’s many wild and wonderful places. 

Patrick Guinnes
Treasurer – Patrick Guinness
Patrick has worked on community development projects in East Africa, Southeast Asia and Papua New Guinea, including sustainable agriculture, water supply and bio-digester systems, poverty reduction, community organisation, and resettlement programs. Patrick is passionate about tackling climate change and equalising opportunity for the disadvantaged in Australia and overseas . Recently retired from university teaching, Patrick spends his time writing, gardening, bush walking, kayaking, and cycling.

Secretary – Suzanne Shorrock
Suzanne started her working life as an English/French teacher, but after her children started school, she retrained in Horticulture at the School of Horticulture, Canberra Institute of Technology, a move driven by her keen interest in gardening and the environment. Suzanne worked in garden maintenance, was a support teacher at the School of Horticulture, and finally owned and managed a retail nursery and florist shop in Canberra. Soon after her arrival in Moruya five years ago, Suzanne heard about and became a member of SHASA. Suzanne is also a member of her local Rural Fire Service Brigade.

Committee Member – Tony Lowe
Tony has had a love for steam power since growing up near a railway line in the age of steam powered locomotives. He started working life in steam power stations long before they became known as “coal fired”! and went on dealing with that industry and the mining industry specialising in mechanical power transmission. Coal had been a big part of Tony’s career but he realised many years ago that because technologies are now evolving, this has enabled us to leave coal behind. Tony installed his own ground mounted PV Solar system 10 yrs ago and is now very happy to be developing and promoting renewable power solutions in our community.

Committee Member – Rob Shorrock
Rob moved to Moruya in 2015 after retiring from a career in civil engineering building roads, bridges commercial buildings and a 2 year stint on a development aid project building village water supplies in southern Mindanao, Philippines. Rob was familiar with the South Coast from his high school days in Bega and was drawn back to its spectacular coastal , forest and rural environment and its diverse and welcoming communities. He has a wide variety of interests ranging from beekeeping to sailing and enjoys working in the community to encourage the preservation of the natural environment and transitioning to a resilient, sustainable more socially equitable future.

Committee Member – Pete Phillips
Pete has been involved in SHASA since the first solar PV bulk buy and became more active four years ago after retiring. With a love of fixing things, his working years were spent as a small-scale builder specialising in renovation of old buildings. He lives with his partner on half a hectare on the edge of Narooma where they have pursued their techno-peasant dream, building an energy-efficient house surrounded by beautiful gardens, producing more food and energy than they can use. He now spends his time as an active member of the Rural Fire Service, growing fruit and vegies, reading, doing outdoor activities and working with SHASA to support action on climate change and community resilience.

New! Committee Member – Stuart Absalom
My involvement with SHASA dates back to the first solar bulk buy, in which we participated. After the Black Summer fires it was clear that community resilience required an urgent rethink of community infrastructure. With other locals, conversations about the vulnerability of our power system and how it might be made more secure began. An approach was made to SHASA to consider a community energy project in the Tilba district. The result, after a whirlwind year has been two successful grants – the Tilba Halls Future Resilience Project and the Eurobodalla Microgrid Feasibility Study. So I am now fully involved in SHASA, both through these projects, the Community Energy and EVs Working Group and working with a significant Central Tilba business in the management of their electricity and power requirements. It is exciting to be involved at this time in making our future more environmentally sustainable. I continue to be involved in community activities including the weekly Tilba Market and The Triangle, a monthly newsletter for which I write and manage the Tilba section.

Support Team

Media and Communications – Kat McCarthy
Kat is a mum of two young girls, a journalist, book nerd, library officer and climate activist. Like any parent, she’s a staunch advocate for her daughters’ safe and secure future. And when our leaders refuse to step up as is plainly necessary, advocate becomes activist. Kat began her career as a Walkley-Award winning newspaper journalist and has worked in media and PR in Australia, the UK and the USA. These days, she uses her love of storytelling to share the important, transformative work of community organisations, including SHASA. Kat believes working together to reduce our impact on the planet; to create resilient communities; and to support one another is the key to a bright future. You’ll find Kat, happiest, when she’s connecting with community members, doing yoga, dancing, reading, working on her novel or spending time immersed in the stunning natural beauty of the South Coast with her family. 

Facebook Editor – Michelle Hamrosi
Michelle is a local GP passionate about health, community  and the environment. She is also a part time ANU academic, runs a volunteer breastfeeding support group and is an active members of Doctors for the Environment. “Volunteering is good for peoples’ mental health. I encourage all my patients & friends to get involved in something they are passionate about. At SHASA, we care for each other, the community and the planet. Together we are resilience in action. Together we are creating a better world for future generations. No one is too small to make a difference. All actions, no matter how small, matter at this critical time of the climate crisis.“

Grants Team – Andrea Charlton
Andrea is a wordsmith and writer who has retired after decades of working for business and government in communication, customer relations and marketing roles.  A Canberra resident since 1987, her love affair with the South Coast began with family holidays at Bawley Point, Ulladulla and Guerilla Bay in the late nineties and deepened when her father moved to Batemans Bay in 2010 to be closer to his grandchildren.  Her always planned retirement move to the Bay was precipitated in 2020 by family needs and her commitment to the region was cemented by the community’s suffering and response to the Black Summer fires. She sees her commitment to SHASA as a way to do something positive to address climate change. In her spare time she loves to take in the view while making things – upcycling clothing, quilting, knitting and miniatures.

SHASA Members Meetings

The SHASA monthly meetings will continue via Zoom and are held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month from 10.30am – 12.00pm.  Send an email to Steve Colman if you would like to attend these meetings

SHASA Working Groups
At the October 2020 SHASA Meeting, SHASA endorsed setting up working groups to progress key pieces of work and are seeking volunteers to join these groups.  These groups will meet in person (COVID-19 restrictions permitting)

1. Community Energy and Electric Transport – held 3rd Thursday each month – contact Tony Lowe on 0413 335 544

2. Repair Café – held 4th Friday each month – contact Deb Stevenson on 0417 835 169

Meetings are inclusive and informal with all ‘comers’ and ideas welcome. Coffee and cake are also important!

If you have any questions, contact us at SHASA here.

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