SHASA is an incorporated community organisation since February 2015. We operate with a small statutory committee of four:

President – Kathryn Maxwell
Kathryn has been a member of SHASA since September 2016 and President for the last 3 years.  Kathryn is passionate about achieving a resilient Eurobodalla where we generate more of our electricity and food and keep the money local.  Kathryn has extensive project management experience from her work for the Australia and New Zealand Governments in the area of community development and sustainability.  A career highlight was her role of Sustainability Manager at the Department of Conservation in New Zealand which included installing the largest off grid solar system and ensuring dozens of conservation islands had solar and energy efficiency upgrades. Kathryn enjoys mountain biking and bushwalking around the region.
Deputy President – Tony Lowe
Tony has had a love for steam power since growing up near a railway line in the age of steam powered locomotives. He started working life in steam power stations long before they became known as “coal fired”! and went on dealing with that industry and the mining industry specialising in mechanical power transmission. Coal had been a big part of Tony’s career but he realised many years ago that because technologies are now evolving, this has enabled us to leave coal behind. Tony installed his own ground mounted PV Solar system 10 yrs ago and is now very happy to be developing and promoting renewable power solutions in our community.
Treasurer – Steve Colman
Steve is a founding member of SHASA. 
After a long career consulting to organisations on leadership and performance he brings a deep commitment to improving environmental and social awareness.  Having been a regular visitor to the region since the early 1960’s he is now helping SHASA develop a long term strategic plan and vision for the region that helps craft an inspiring and achievable future.  In his spare time Steve, who is based at Tuross Head, can often be found exploring  by sea kayak, mountain bike or on foot the region’s many wild and wonderful places. 
Secretary – Suzanne Shorrock
Suzanne started her working life as an English/French teacher, but after he children started school, she retrained in Horticulture at the School of Horticulture, Canberra Institute of Technology, a move driven by her keen interest in gardening and the environment. Suzanne worked in garden maintenance, was a support teacher at the School of Horticulture, and finally owned and managed a retail nursery and florist shop in Canberra. Soon after their arrival in Moruya five years ago, Suzanne heard about and became a member of SHASA. Suzanne is also a member of her local Rural Fire Service Brigade.

As our SHASA logo suggests, SHASA is made up of many interested community members. Our committee members and these additional community members come from many walks of life with qualifications spanning economics, botany, geography, and health practitioners, to name a few. There are also many with broad ranging experience and skills who assist the committee and contribute through attending monthly meetings either online or in-person. Smaller teams sometimes choose to meet more frequently to work on particular projects of interest.

Key successes for SHASA include the highly successful solar bulk buy with MESA that secured our financial future, the electric bike hire service with Moruya Bicycles, securing funding to upgrade the Red Door Hall into a heatwave and bushfire haven, securing grant funding for the installation of solar on a number of community facilities and establishing a Eurobodalla Repair Cafe in Moruya.

Meetings are inclusive and informal with all ‘comers’ and ideas welcome. Coffee and cake are also important!

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