“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”  Margaret Mead

As a small volunteer organisation, we embrace the principles of self-organisation. We encourage anyone and everyone to step up and take responsibility for our community. We see it as bottom-up, rather than top-down decision making. This collective action at the local level is at the heart of vibrant, well-functioning communities.

A process that has a strong focus on community-centred engagement has been proven to provide significant benefits for all stakeholders.

SHASA believes that the Eurobodalla Shire and the wider region can benefit from a deliberate and targeted community engagement approach. This includes:

  • A community that is involved in making decisions for its own future
  • A better connected better-represented community
  • Capacity for the community to better understand and solve its own problems and challenges
  • A community that can make better decisions on resourcing issues, especially where limited funds are available
  • Promotion and support for community leadership

SHASA has partnered with A Better Eurobodalla to assist in providing a community forum advocating for Eurobodalla ratepayers and residents.

What have we achieved?

  • Regular SHASA stalls have been run at markets in Moruya, Narooma, Dalmeny, Broulee (Art on the Path) and Tuross Head (Easter) – prior to COVID19 restrictions.
  • Prepared submissions to:
    ◦ Eurobodalla Shire Council draft budgets
    ◦ Eurobodalla Shire Council Rural Lands Strategy (Local Environment Plan)
  • Partnered with 350 Eurobodalla, Nature Coast Marine and Coastwatchers to raise awareness of climate policies of candidates for the 2019 Federal Election.
  • Joined forces with a number of environment groups under the Nature Conservation Council umbrella to raise awareness of climate, renewable energy and bushfire recovery policies of candidates for the 2020 Eden Monaro By-Election.
  • Ran stalls at the Rotary Renewables Expo in 2017, 2018, and 2019.
  • Ran a raffle at these stalls to raise funds for community facility solar.
  • Partnered with Dallas Tanner for a fundraising concert in Moruya.
  • Donated funds to 350 Eurobodalla for the Federal Election and the 2020 Eden-Monaro By-Election to cover printing costs.
  • Moo’s News

What are we currently working on?

Lobbying Eurobodalla Shire Council for an EV charging point in Moruya

SHASA calls on incoming 2021 Council to step up for a better future 

The NSW Local Government elections have been pushed back, again, until December 2021. In working towards a bright future for Eurobodalla, SHASA is calling on elected Councillors to adopt the measures below and will provide a summary of responses from candidates to the media. 

Community resilience

  • Commit to establish a heatwave and bushfire haven (premises with (solar, batteries, air conditioners, air filters, water tanks, fire + pumps and back-up generators) for vulnerable community members in every town in the Shire. 
  • Plant fast-growing shade trees and shading structures in all town shopping centres and nature strips, to provide shade from the harsh summer heat.     
  • Encourage shop owners to have awnings to provide shade. Remove or revise any Council regulations that block shop building owners from providing such shade. 
  • Seek bushfire grant funding to build ‘fit for purpose’ evacuation centres in recognition of the increased likelihood of extreme events.
  • Strongly enforce tree preservation protections in urban areas to provide vital shade and habitat.

Creating usable resources from waste

  • Work with the NSW EPA to adopt Food Organics and Gardening Organics (FOGO) residential recycling service to reduce the volume of waste to landfill (food) by over 40% as soon as possible. 43 Councils in NSW already have adopted FOGO.     

Community energy

  • Declare in-principle support for a community solar farm on Council land. Use a similar model undertaken by Shoalhaven Council (they were paid up front for a 30 year lease for Repower Shoalhaven 4MW community solar farm). 
  • Support groups such as SHASA to install large solar arrays on public buildings and the creation of solar gardens.


  • Increase the ESC renewables power purchase agreement from 80% to 100% of energy usage by Council.
  • Council to provide interest-free loans for low income households for installing rooftop solar systems and other renewable energy.

Low emissions transport

  • Complete the bike path from Moruya to Moruya Heads for a safe cycling route. 
  • Commit to installing wide verges, where possible, for cyclists along North Head Drive and George Bass Drive to Tomakin. 
  • Commit, where possible, to installing wide verges/ bike paths on all road redevelopments. Insist that developers of strip housing provide walking and cycling paths, not just on-road, to support active transport. Ensure that new buildings that rely on old approvals are required to meet current standards.
  • Install public electric vehicle (EV) chargers at Council public facilities to encourage EV uptake. 
  • Switch the Council’s fleet to all EVs within the next three years. Secure a local distributor and for purchase on ongoing maintenance. Encourage a local second- hand EV market by committing to on-sell the fleet locally, as appropriate.

Community engagement 

  • Council should actively engage the community to support adoption of emissions-reduction measures. 
  • Council to properly implement its existing Community Engagement Policy – the decision-making process ought to be open, and be seen to be open.
  • Set up a community environment reference group to provide advice to Council on reducing emissions and adapting to climate change.
  • Set up and promote a grants program to enable communities to undertake projects to reduce emissions and adapt to climate change.

Affordable housing

  • Council to work with community organisations to develop community housing options.
  • Council to explore partnering with community housing providers to develop Council land that is surplus to their needs for affordable housing, rather than selling it off to developers. 

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