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Where is solar installed now?

Australian Photovoltaic Institute have compiled maps showing solar installations and potential installations by LGA and even postcode. Check them out here.

Energy Checks

Do you wish your home was more comfortable to live in? Is it draughty? Do you have the heater on too often? Is your power bill through the roof? Then why not consider an energy check?

For only $99, a SHASA member( accredited in New Zealand) will visit your home and:

  • check your energy usage,
  • install door seals, weather seals, water efficient shower heads, energy efficient light bulbs where appropriate, and
  • provide a detailed report on how to cut your energy usage by up to 25%.

Contact SHASA on 0467 558645 or email to make an appointment.


Installing solar batteries with solar panels is now becoming increasingly common. They provide significant benefits, such as energy independence and emergency backup power. As the economics and cost-effectiveness of batteries are rapidly improving we continue to monitor their potential for household, business and community applications.

Building Better Houses

Following the 2019/20 bushfires, there have been many of us who are facing having to rebuild our houses. There have been many wondering what we can do to make our new houses more comfortable as well as cheaper to run. Here are a few simple ideas that SHASA has put together to consider in your rebuild. We hope it helps.


SHASA is currently exploring the significant opportunities that community microgrids might offer our local community. Our focus on microgrids is to pool local renewable energy resources (such as a small-scale solar farm) to maximise energy self-reliance. When combined with energy storage systems such as batteries, there can be significant economic benefits for community shareholders.

In January 2021, SHASA approached the Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra, and have partnered with them, Essential Energy, and Zepben to submit a grant application to the Federal Government to conduct a 3 year feasibility study into establishing 8 microgrids across the Eurobodalla. A key outcome of the feasibility study will be a full implementation plan that would allow us to seek funds to install the 8 microgrids to improve our energy resilience and reliability across the Eurobodalla. On 27 July 2021, we found out that the grant application was successful. Read our media release here. Stay tuned for updates on the project here.

Repower our Communities

The Community Power Agency hosted the Repower Our Communities webinar in early April 2021: How to harness the renewable energy boom. If you couldn’t make it you can watch the webinar here.

Australia is on the cusp of a renewable energy boom. We need to make sure that regional communities benefit from the mass investment and build-out of solar and wind energy.

This means leadership from Federal politicians, particularly rural ones, who are setting the rules for how this transition happens.

Email your MP and tell them to Repower Our Communities today by supporting community-led renewables.

Join the campaign!

Together, we can win this campaign and build 20 Community Power Hubs across regional Australia that will drive local, community-led renewable projects.

Can you:

  • Send us your organisation’s logo for the “Who’s With Us” section of the Repower Our Communities website. We’re looking for community energy groups, councils, businesses and other organisations that want to power their community with renewables.
  • Ask elected representatives to join the campaign to #repowerourcommunities! We need leadership from our elected representatives – it’s a no-brainer and it’s time for them to stand up for regional Australia.
    Can you help build support by emailing your Federal MP?

Read more on the Repower Our Communities website here.

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