Electric cars

There is a global revolution underway as internal combustion engines cars are being replaced by electric cars. In the first quarter of the year in 2020 Tesla became the best selling car in California. Outselling both Honda and Toyota. From a small startup in 2003 Tesla is now worth more than Ford and GM combined. Excitingly there are also Australian manufacturers who are entering the market to produce electric vehicles.

The Benefits of Electric Vehicles

  • less greenhouse gas emissions even when using coal-generated electricity.
  • saving about $1300 per year on fuel costs and about $300 on annual maintenance costs.
  • Less air pollution
  • break our dependence on foreign oil

To support the transition to electric vehicles the NRMA has already installed fast-charging electric charging stations in Berry, Bateman’s Bay (behind the Visitors Centre) and Bega.  Locations of your nearest electric charging stations can be found at

On 14 March 2020 the NSW Government announced it was undertaking a number of measures to encourage electric vehicle uptake.  This includes 

  • co-fund the deployment of fast electric vehicle charging infrastructure. 
  • incentivising vehicle fleet owners, such as car rental companies, car share companies, and local councils to procure electric vehicles.
  • amending to the National Construction Code and NSW Building Sustainability Index (BASIX) to ensure new buildings are electric vehicle-ready.

By encouraging vehicle fleet procurers to buy electric vehicles, their bulk purchasing power will incentivise importers to sell a greater range of electric vehicle models.  Over time this will make the electric vehicle market in New South Wales more competitive for all consumers. 

is one company installing electric charging stations in the Eurobodalla at the homes of people who have purchased electric vehicles.  Contact Mark Hemmingsen, Managing Director on 0409 158871. 

is EVCs local Eurobodalla / South Coast agent for Sales and Installation services, phone 0410 790 616. MESA have an electric vehicle charging point located at the front of their business in Bodalla. They are inviting anyone to present a receipt from a Bodalla business to then be able to plug in and charge free!


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