Improving Waste Management in Eurobodalla Shire

Current SHASA priorities:

  1. Repurposing Solar Panels

Repurposing for Resilience (RfR), a community organisation in Bodalla in partnership with SHASA, obtained a grant of $108,000 for updating and recycling of solar panels for distribution to local income households and off-grid systems.  This operation will have spin-off benefits of training, employment, investment in new technology and local recycling. Thanks to intervention by Deputy Mayor Alison Worthington, a space for this facility has been provided at the Moruya Waste Facility with implementation scheduled in 2023.

  1. Supporting  FOGO (Food Organics, Gardening Organics) Recycling in Eurobodalla

The NSW Government has mandated that all Councils need to implement the FOGO (household recycling collection) by 2030. Forty-three Councils have already done so, with most others incorporating FOGO in their planning for implementation within the next 2 years. However, Eurobodalla Council to date has not addressed this issue in terms of either planning or scheduling implementation.

  1. Supporting Outsourcing of Recycling Shops at Council Waste Management Centres to Social Enterprises

Since the 2019/20 bushfires Council has drastically reduced the operations of the tip shops.  A better option may be to set up social enterprises to run the tip shops.  SHASA will be working with Council to implement this initiative.

  1. Optimising Council’s community engagement and consultation in its review of the Waste Management Strategy 2011-18 

Council has only recently announced this review. At this stage there appears to be very limited capacity for the community to engage and be consulted before the consultants deliver their report. SHASA will seek much better briefing of the community on Council’s performance in this area so they can provide constructive input to the Review before it is completed by the consultants.

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