Electricity powers nearly every aspect of our lives. When transport systems are powered using renewable energy sources it can provide a cheap, environmentally sound approach to transporting ourselves as well as transporting goods and services.

SHASA also sees a fast approaching future where electric car battery systems become an integrated part of the grid and are utilised for transport, powering the home and feeding back into the grid according to demand needs.

To help progress electric transport in our region as per the SHASA Strategic Plan 2030, SHASA have formed an Electric Transport Working Group with our first meeting held on 27 October 2020 and monthly meetings since then.

Our goal?

Electric transport will significantly reduce emissions, air pollution and noise pollution in the Eurobodalla.

Transport is responsible for 39.87% (2017) and 42% (2018) of total greenhouse gas emissions in the Eurobodalla.

How will we achieve this?

  1. Increase EV charging stations in the Eurobodalla. Current ones identified at
  2. Increase awareness of the benefits of EV. We want households and businesses to consider electric vehicles in their next vehicle purchase.
  3. Encourage businesses to install EV charging stations. MESA also offer solar carports.
  4. Increase the use of electric bikes for short trips. Need to lobby for more bike paths and larger verges.
  5. SHASA to seek grant funding to purchase a public transport electric bus.
  6. Drive the transition to electric transport in the Eurobodalla. SHASA to consider an EV bulk buy. One option is the Good Car Company EV Bulk Buy.

Star ratings to easily explore and compare vehicle emissions

Helping you minimise your next vehicle’s impact on the environment visit Vehicle Emissions Star Rating (

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More about Electric Vehicles

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