Are you currently with Powershop?

Meridian Energy (NZ) recently sold Powershop to Shell.  If you are a Powershop customer looking to switch, SHASA recommends you consider the following renewable energy providers:

ENOVA Community Energy – They are community owned, renewables focused, 100% Australian, don’t invest in coal, oil or gas and reinvest 50% of profits back into the community energy projects and energy efficiency services and were rated by ‘Choice’ in 2020 as the Best Electricity Provider for NSW. Find out more here

Diamond Energy – will be left as the only Greenpeace 5 star electricity retailer. They source more electricity from renewables than our customers consume. The company is 100% independent of any fossil fuel influence, with their Australian management and employees owning more than 80% of the company shares. They actively invest any profits back into Australian renewable energy projects and have no interest in coal generation, coal mining or alternative sources of gas (including coal seam gas) or electricity sourced from wood waste of native timber

Energy Locals. – They partner with community and commercial organisations in the renewable energy space and provide retail services to help them achieve their goals. They support Tesla, Amber, Sonnen, Co-Operative Power, Indigo Power and others.  They were awarded Green Retailer of the Year (retail only) this year and last year.  

Amber — This new player aims to help you shift more of your energy usage to the times that wind farms and solar power are generating to build demand for more renewable energy.

CoPower — A non-profit cooperative that is member-owned and member-run, with a mission to tackle poverty, address the climate crisis and build community.

Momentum Energy — Momentum is owned by Australia’s largest renewable energy generator, Hydro Tasmania and offers benefits for home or business solar owners.

These alternative energy provider options are suggestions only, with decent reputations and information from the company’s websites. It is important to do your own research to determine the best option for you and your household.

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