Bushfire & heatwave preparation for Eurobodalla… a meeting with Fiona Phillips MP

SHASA members Kathryn Maxwell, Steve Colman, Lyn Smith and Brett Stevenson met with Fiona Phillips yesterday. 

Key issues discussed include:

1. Bushfire and heatwave preparation

SHASA will be pursuing funding from the 2nd Round of the Disaster Ready Fund for the implementation of the SHASA Eurobodalla Heatwave and Bushfire Haven Strategy. If successful, funds will become available in July 2024.  SHASA is working with Reconstruction NSW and the ESC Council to pull a proposal together.

Eurobodalla is not well prepared for the upcoming bushfire/heatwave season.  We need the Eurobodalla Shire Council to do far more.  We urgently need upgrades to the three Evacuation Centres and shading of car parks.

2. Fuel Efficiency Standards

SHASA is keen for these to be announced asap. 

SHASA would like Fiona Philips to lobby for fast chargers for the South Coast, particularly for Moruya.  Moruya is the administrative centre and location for the new Eurobodalla Hospital.  There are no EV fast chargers planned for Moruya.

3. Regenerate Eurobodalla Leadership Training Ceremony

Fiona Phillips has been invited to attend the Ceremony on Friday 17th November.

Thanks to Tukka Cafe for a lovely space to hold a meeting.

SHASA members having coffee with Fiona Phillips
Fiona Phillips at Tukka cafe

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