Moo’s News

The MOO’s NEWS Community Newsletter was established for the Bodalla and surrounding communities following the 2020 New Year bushfire season.

SHASA was successful in obtaining grant funding from COORDINARE – the South Eastern NSW Primary Health Network. COORDINARE has taken a strong lead in supporting the recovery of bushfire affected communities and we are extremely grateful for the opportunity we have been given to both represent and assist ours. These bushfire recovery funds will allow us to facilitate the newsletter which we hope can become a platform to strengthen reliance in the community, help residents and businesses rebuild, assist with isolation and encourage social cohesion.

Our overall aim is to promote and improve mental health and wellbeing within the community. The launch of Moo’s News has become even more important in light of the recent Covid 19 restrictions. We encourage you to get in touch and be involved with any aspects of making the newsletter if this is something that might interest you. Whether it be stories, information, services, or entertainment – we want to hear from you! If you would like to submit an article or story but don’t wish to have your name on it, please don’t worry, as we are happy to publish anonymously.

The project will run for two years and produce a newsletter on a quarterly basis. Our very first edition was published in July of 2020. Our second edition was released in October and third edition just in time for Christmas. The fourth edition was out before Easter 2021. Edition 5 was released in June 2021 and our latest Edition 6 out in October 2021. Enjoy all Moos News Newsletters next!

Moo’s News Edition 1 – July 2020

Moo’s News Edition 2 – October 2020

Moo’s News Edition 3 – December 2020

Moo’s News Edition 4 – April 2021

Moo’s News Edition 5 – June 2021

Moo’s News Edition 6 – October 2021

Moo’s News Edition 7 – February 2022

We encourage you to subscribe to our electronic mailing list by emailing as well as ‘liking’ our Moo’s News facebook page to stay up to date in between editions. 

The newsletter is also available in printed copy for the many households in our community that may not have access to computer equipment/internet, or for those that just prefer the smell of a printed copy.  A list of the fantastic outlets you can find the publication at have been provided below.  Please let us know if you would like to see it elsewhere.

  • Moo’s News Outlets
    • Bodalla Pub
    • Downward Dog Café
    • Artisans Nest Bodalla
    • Tyrells Garage
    • Bodalla Nursery
    • Bodalla Dairy Shed
    • Bodalla Bakery
    • Bodalla Post Office
    • Beachcombers Holiday Park
    • Bodalla Bowling Club

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