Making Change Happen

At SHASA we like to dream big.

As Lao Tzu said, “If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.” And we definitely don’t want to end up where climate change is taking us.

So here are some of the projects that we are either dreaming about or already have in play.

SHASA delivers in 2022 – Media release

Inspired? Then come along and join in the fun of making big changes happen.

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SHASA’s business partnerships November 2022


SHASA has offered a solar panel bulk buy program to its members since 2017. Initially, several contractors were engaged to supply and install the panels. After the first round, it was clear that MESA customers reported the highest satisfaction with installation and after-sales support. MESA is now SHASA’s exclusive supplier for Solar systems, battery storage and EV chargers under the ongoing  Eurobodalla Community Solar program. They also provide competitive quotes and installation services for community organisations.

Together, SHASA and MESA have installed over 450 roof top solar systems, to the Eurobodalla. For each installation up to 6.6 kW, MESA makes a contribution to SHASA’s community work.

They have also worked together to deliver many community projects including SHASA’s Heatwave and Bushfire Refuge program, Community Solar Installations, the Moos Bushfire recovery Newsletter, voluntary RFS upgrades to facilities, the Microgrid Feasibility Study, and the Power on the Move mobile generator, for use by the community.

MESAprovides SHASA with technical advice, training and consultation on Renewable Energy and general electrical technology and practices.

SHASA places a high value on the expertise, diligence and integrity that MESA brings to all business carried out for SHASA.

The Good Car Company

SHASA has entered into a partnership with the Good Car Company to offer a deal on great quality, low mileage affordable used and new electric vehicles for SHASA members, supporters and locals.  Buyers receive a discount of $1000 off the purchase price, and the Good Car Company has also agreed to make a contribution to SHASA for each vehicle sold through this arrangement.

The Good Car Company is a social enterprise i.e. a business whose primary purpose is addressing a social or environmental challenge rather than creating profit for owners or shareholders. They believe everyone gets to decarbonise their transport and bring together the entrepreneurial skills of the private sector and the values of public service.

The Good Car Company imports used electric vehicles from Japan and the UK and has an arrangement to sell new Polestar 2 electric vehicles.  The partnership commenced in September 2022 and is a non-exclusive agreement. To register your interest go to

Moruya Bicycles

SHASA entered into a partnership with Moruya Bicycles in 2018 to run an E-bike hire service in Moruya.  SHASA purchased two electric all road bikes and Moruya Bicycles operates the E-Bike hire at no cost to SHASA.  The bikes are upgraded regularly to facilitate the sale of second hand E-bikes in Moruya.  Moruya Bicycles operates the hire service at no profit to themselves, all money from the hire fees goes towards the cost of maintaining and upgrading the E-Bikes.

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