SHASA’s interview with ABC South East NSW

Kathryn Maxwell spoke with ABC radio Friday 30th Sept

Electrify Everything

  • SHASA has embraced Saul Griffith’s vision to reach net zero emissions by eliminating household use of fossil fuels and electrifying everything.

  • Fossil fuels – petrol, diesel and gas are expensive and highly polluting. 

  • If we electrify the “average” Australian household, with solar panels on the roof, a home battery, electric vehicles, and replacement of gas appliances (heating, hot water and cook tops) with efficient electric ones, we can save up to $5,000 per year in household costs for the average home.  This transformation will also create lots of new jobs.

  • Energy use of an average household (transport, heating, hot water heating, cooking) would go from a current figure of 102 kWh per day  to 37 kWh per day in a fully electrified environment. 

  • Electric vehicles are 3.5times more efficient in converting energy into motion than internal combustion energy vehicles – petrol and diesel.

SHASA recommends the following:

  • Step 1 is, where possible, install a rooftop solar PV system.  The average system is 8.4kW and the payback period is 3-4 years.
  • Step 2 is to buy an electric car as this will give you the greatest reduction in emissions and energy consumption.  Replacing a small petrol car with a small electric car will save you 3.5tonnes of C02 per annum.
  • Step 3 install split system reverse cycle air conditioners for heating.
  • Step 4 install a hot water heat pump for hot water heating
  • Step 5 install an induction cook top.
  • Step 6 electrify your garden tools – mower, whipper snipper, chainsaw, hedge trimmer, blower.

What has SHASA done so far to to electrify everything:

  • SHASA, through a solar bulk buy with MESA, has installed over 450 roof top solar systems and 30 batteries in the Eurobodalla.
  • SHASA purchased an EV in 2020 for use by staff and volunteers.  After test drives 10 SHASA members purchased an EV.
  • SHASA is currently working with 8 communities to develop micogrid feasibility business plans.
  • SHASA, pending securing funding, will be collaborating with the Eurobodalla Shire Council to develop a community solar and battery farm feasibility study.
  • SHASA is running the South Coast’s 1st Electric Vehicle – Electrify Everything Expo on 1 October.
  • SHASA is lobbying all levels of government to provide incentives to switch to electric.  We do not want anyone left behind, stuck with dirty expensive fossil fuel dependence.
  • One overseas holiday for 2 people can cost as much as an electric car.  We encourage those with discretionary income to spend it setting themselves up to be more energy resilient in the future.

  • Don’t sweat the small things you can do to reduce emissions, focus on the big stuff.

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