Help SHASA and help the Eurobodalla become 100% renewable

SHASA is encouraging residents and businesses in the Eurobodalla to switch to Indigo Power as their electricity retailer by 30 June 2023.  Why? Because it’s a community owned electricity retailer who wants to assist SHASA to achieve its goes of setting up a community owned solar farm and a number of community batteries.

With 100 customers (we have 10 so far) Indigo Power will be able to use their energy sharing software dashboard to understand the Eurobodalla’s energy profile and plan strategic projects to help SHASA achieve its goal of a 100% renewable energy supply and provide cheaper locally generated renewable energy to those unable to install roof top solar.

This partnership offers SHASA the potential to successfully bid for Federal Government funding for community batteries and solar farms. These projects require funding and expertise beyond SHASA’s capability and experience.  SHASA needs the support of an electricity retailer to make it happen. And we want to make sure the Eurobodalla gets its fair share.

Indigo’s rates are very competitive and there are also ten Mondo Ubi smart energy control and monitoring devices to be won. Each person that signs up will also receive a free copy of Saul Griffith’s The Big Switch from SHASA. Here’s a great chance to help yourself and the community.

Check out Indigo Power’s rates at and then click on NSW Residential (or Business).

Also signing up is easy just contact Indigo Power  on 1800 491 739.  Just give Indigo Power your NMI (National Meter Identification number) located on your electricity bill and they will do the rest.For more details from SHASA please email

Help yourself, help the community and make the switch today!

Sign up and join with more than 500 supporters from across the Eurobodalla Shire and beyond to help co-create an inspiring and resilient future for the region.

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