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Emergency Preperation

Around 18 million of us live in a local government area (LGA) impacted by at least one disaster last year, according to an analysis released by KPMG this month. Some of these LGAs have been affected by multiple disasters such as bushfires and floods over the past three years.

Extreme weather is the new normal in Australia, causing disasters that come with increasing frequency and intensity. Everyone needs to be prepared.

This week (18 to 24 September) is our annual Emergency Ready Week, and we’ve lots of free resources to help you prepare.

Design your own personalised all-hazards emergency plan and choose the option that suits you. Spending as little as five minutes on preparedness can bring big benefits.

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Emergency Preparedness Resources

Plus, we have lots of tips to help you manage stress in an emergency, create your own survival kit and more.

Being prepared can make an emergency less stressful, give you more control, and reduce the impacts on you and your loved ones. Our goal is for everyone, everywhere in Australia, to be ready should the worse happen.


Best wishes,

Simon Richard
Simon Richard

Simon Rickard
Head of Emergency Services
Australian Red Cross 

PS: Right now, we are getting ready, too. We are equipping and training our 4,000 emergency response volunteers across Australia. Can you help? 
Give today and power the teams who provide vital support to people before, during and after disasters.

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