SHASA December 2020 Newsletter – Out Now

December SHASA Meeting (on ZOOM) Tuesday 8th December 10.30 am – 12:30 pm  Email for a link

You are invited to the opening of the Red Door Hall as a 
Bushfire and Heatwave Haven
Sat 12th Dec 10.30 am – Red Door Hall, St John’s Church off Page St, Moruya

With temperatures rising and natural disasters increasing SHASA has helped provide grant funding to upgrade the much loved Red Door Hall into a bushfire and heatwave haven.  Through the grants, we have been able to install a 6.5 kW solar PV system, 12kWh battery storage, air conditioners and an air purifier for those smokey days.  In addition, the kitchen has been upgraded with new appliances and a walk-in pantry, extra insulation has been installed, the hall interior has been repainted and lighting has been upgraded. It would be great if you could attend and celebrate this community collaboration for the common good.

SHASA driving the change to electrified transport
Transport is responsible for nearly 40% of greenhouse gas emissions in the Eurobodalla.  SHASA  has decided to do something about this and with guidance from its recently established Electric Transport Group has committed funding to set up a 22kw EV (electric vehicle) charger in Moruya, set up EV charging facilities for the new SHASA Coordinator to travel around the Eurobodalla in a new NISSAN LEAF in 2021.  SHASA members will also be able to drive the NISSAN LEAF for SHASA related activities.  
The next SHASA Electric Transport Meeting will be held on Wednesday 2 December, 10 am at 5 Ingram St, Broulee. 

We have just been awarded a grant of nearly $6,500 from the Foundation for Rural and Regional  Renewal – News Corp Bushfire Fund program to buy tools and other resources for the Repair Cafe. Thanks, Rupert.

Digital skills training is now available for SHASA members and other community groups. A local business, The Tec Exec are offering this training in various modalities including face-to-face and Zoom. The Tec Exec will also have a table at the Repair Cafe to help anyone with their questions about all things digital.  For example, how to use your phone, tablet, laptop, and/or computers more effectively.  Contact Louise McFadden for more details on 0490 518 452.

The SHASA Repair Cafe will be open every Friday, 9 am – 12 noon until 11 December 2020, when volunteers will take a well earned 6-week break. 
We encourage members of the community to bring in their broken items soon if they want repairs undertaken in 2020, as things have been quite busy.
“Every Friday we repair a diverse range of goods including clothing, electrical items, bicycles, and garden equipment.  Tools, materials and specialist help are all available at the Repair Cafe.  Members of the community are encouraged to stay and learn how to undertake repairs (where safe) while enjoying a cuppa and yummy food”, said Deb Stevenson, Repair Cafe Committee Chair.
“So far of the 139 items brought in, we have kept 110 goods out of landfill and they are all now back in use.  Volunteer Julie Klugman has worked hard to record the details of each repair on a spreadsheet so that we have a picture of what we are repairing.  The most common items were clothing (alternations and mending holes), vacuum cleaners and sewing machines” said Julie Klugman.
A special thank you to the many volunteer repairers who make themselves available each week to help our community learn how to repair and reuse their goods.
The Repair Cafe operates at the Red Door Hall, St Johns Church, Page Street, Moruya.  More information is available from Deb Stevenson on 0417 835 169 or email

2020 SHASA / MESA Partnership: A year of achievements
As a small community not for profit group run by volunteers SHASA relies heavily on partnerships and collaboration. In particular, we want to acknowledge the great work of Steve and Lisa Cornthwaite from Micro Energy Systems Australia (MESA). As a local small business, they have supported and enabled the delivery of a remarkable number of SHASA / MESA community projects across the Shire. These achievements include
* Initiated and facilitated the Food Hub in Bodalla immediately post fires to assist with access to food, water, clothing, bedding, cooking, and medical supplies from local and interstate donors.  This aid was moved up and down the coast into areas most in need and dispersed to several communities via SHASA members.  
* Consistent and determined lobbying of the Eurobodalla council to create adequate safe haven facilities for the community for use in emergencies. 
* Assisted several families who lost their homes to the fires with electrical works and infrastructure including re-purposing salvaged solar equipment for Off-Grid applications.
* Donation of generator connection points and changeover switches for local RFS during and post the bushfire emergency/
* Successful in obtaining bushfire recovery grant funding from Coordinaire to establish the Moo’s News Community Newsletter; aimed at promoting and improving mental health and wellbeing within the community.  This is a bi-monthly newsletter which is made available both online and in printed copy.
* Installation of 6.3kW PV Solar & Battery Storage system for the Anglican Parish Moruya through successful grant funding.  This included renovations and improvements to electrical infrastructure, LED lighting and a backup generator to facilitate the Moruya Bushfire and Heatwave Haven at the property. 
* 6.3kW PV Solar system gifted to the Bodalla Local Aboriginal Land Council to assist with their ongoing running costs.  
* The SHASA / MESA synergy previously donated comprehensive electrical upgrades and Grid Connect rooftop Solar Installation for Monty’s Narooma.  Following on from this, we are providing ongoing assistance towards a gas-fuelled generator to provide backup power for the property.
* Creation and Installation of signage to promote the SHASA / MESA partnership and encourage the uptake of PV Solar, storage and EV’s in the Eurobodalla. 
* Employment and Training of residents to promote a local workforce skilled in Renewable Energy in the Eurobodalla. 
* Ongoing lobbying and promotion encouraging the uptake of EV charging infrastructure for the Eurobodalla and the greater area along the Princes Hwy and Kings Hwy routes.  Upgrading of the existing charge point on the MESA property in Bodalla made available free of charge to the public in exchange for proof of purchase from a local business [to promote and encourage local tourism].  Installation of two additional charge points to support SHASA’s soon to be purchased electric vehicle. 
* The gifting of a 6.3kW PV Solar system to the South East Women’s and Children’s Services in Moruya to assist with ongoing energy bills. 
* Successful in obtaining grant funding for (9.45kW PV Solar system at the Narooma Men’s Shed, 9.8kW PV Solar system at the Batemans Bay Men’s Shed 6.3kW PV Solar + Storage system for Marine Rescue Narooma)
* Assistance with a grant application for the 1st Batemans Bay Scouts club and supply & Installation of a 12.6kW PV Solar generator and storage at the clubhouse.
* Ongoing consultation and design services on behalf of SHASA for SHASA members and the local community which is provided free of charge in the areas of general electrical, energy efficiency, Solar & storage, and EV Infrastructure. 
* Ongoing action lobbying for changes to the Power of Choice metering regime by Retailers; specifically, to ensure fair dealing for not for profit/community groups currently paying commercial/business rates for energy. 
* Over 500kW Solar installed in the Eurobodalla region
* Ongoing financial support to SHASA’s running costs in excess of $19,000.
* Ongoing support and promotion to increase SHASA’s membership base and influence within the Eurobodalla region.

SHASA/MESA Solar bulk buy
To find our more about the Solar Bulk buy call Lisa from MESA (0410 790 616) for more info. Or you can download the Solar Bulk buy flyer here.

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